In an article posted to this Web site on Feb. 5, 2010 titled “Vegetable growers seek methyl alternative” it was reported that methyl iodide, an active ingredient in Midas, a highly efficacious replacement for methyl bromide, has been linked to human health problems in California. Though serious human health concerns have been reported by the Pesticides Action Network and cited in other publications, Tokyo-based Arysta LifeScience Corporation, manufacturers of Midas, points out, “Midas is currently not registered for use in California. There has been no link to human health issues among farm workers nor have adverse effects to the environment been reported in other areas of the U.S. where Midas is registered and approved for use.” In the same article, “Growers Seek Methyl Bromide Alternative,” it was erroneously reported that PiChlor 60 contains picloram. In fact, PicChlor 60 is a fumigant and contains 60 percent Chloropicrin and 40 percent Telone.

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