Helena Chemical Company HELENA'S theme - People...Products...Knowledge...accurately describes the company's commitment and high level of service to the cotton industry. Across the Cotton Belt - from Virginia to California - Helena's "cotton team" stays busy supplying customers with products and services to help them run their operations profitability. To do that successfully and consistently requires personal commitment, extensive technical knowledge, and the dependability of the Helena distribution system.

Throughout our history, Helena's sales force has always been known as "the best." It's a reputation that began in the Mississippi Delta in 1957 and continues today.

Here's why:

Today, it's commonplace to read about "fast-changing markets," or "rapidly evolving technology." For Helena, there's nothing new about this. It's always been that way. Practices and products are continually shifting, and we've been a leading force in bringing about these positive changes.

And during those revolutionary changes in products and cultural practices, our product line and market reach have grown tremendously.

That's because we've stayed in touch with customers - the people who drive the market. At the same time, we've adapted by learning new technologies and understanding newer, more efficient products. And we've always used our intuitive and technical knowledge to put new technology in the hands of the people who can best utilize it.

So rapid change and progress are nothing new to the Helena sales force. We expect it. This is a primary reason why Helena continues to be a driving force in the U.S. cotton industry - and the strongest link in the supply chain that brings new technology and greater efficiency to the U.S. cotton industry.

Syngenta Crop Protection Syngenta Crop Protection, created through the recent spin-off, then merger, of the Novartis agribusiness and the AstraZeneca agrochemical businesses, is pleased to continue its participation in Farm Press's High Cotton Awards, and congratulates each winner and nominees.

Syngenta's vision is delivering better food to a better world through outstanding crop solutions. As the world's largest company dedicated solely to agribusiness and the market leader in each region it serves, Syngenta expects to launch, over the next three years, seven new crop protection products and four new seed products.

Syngenta's product portfolio offers solutions to most producers' total crop protection needs. By providing both selective and non-selective herbicides, Syngenta provides more options for protecting yield and quality. Syngenta also has the broadest range of fungicides in the industry and a wide selection of insecticides for both foliar and soil applications.

Among its cotton products portfolio, growers can still find the products they've come to depend on and trust, as well as new, innovative products: Caparol[R], CYCLONE[R] MAX, Dual MAGNUM[R], FUSILADE[R] DX, FUSION[R], GRAMOXONE[R] Max, TOUCHDOWN[R], Zorial[R], QUADRIS[R], Ridomil Gold[R] PC, Curacron[R], KARATE[R] with Zeon technology, Zephyr[R] and WARRIOR[R], Apron XL[TM], Maxim[R], Adage[TM].

Syngenta Crop Protection will provide innovative products, superior technology and services which best satisfy its customers' needs in agribusiness. Its growth will focus on meeting the needs of its customers, its people, the environment and the communities, in which it lives and works.

Griffin L.L.C. Griffin L.L.C. is a customer-based, world-class supplier of crop protection chemicals. We currently offer cotton growers the broadest range of products and product categories of any company in the United States. We are pleased to have this opportunity to sponsor the High Cotton Awards and salute these exceptional growers. It reinforces our commitment to an industry we have served since 1935, when the company was founded in Valdosta, Ga.. Griffin L.L.C. is a joint venture company between Griffin Corporation and DuPont. We are currently experiencing growth in all market segments. By dedicating dollars and staffing resources, we maintain our position as a leading supplier of quality formulations supported by both field sales and technical service personnel.

Herbicides: New this season is Boa[TM] brand paraquat, formulated with 2.5 pounds active of paraquat per gallon. Boa is labeled for the same crops, applications and timings as all other paraquat brands. We now offer Glyphosate Original brand glyphosate, a stand-alone product labeled for over-the-top applications in Roundup Ready[R] cotton, through the 4-leaf stage. These contact herbicides are in addition to our strong residual line-up: Trilin[R] brand Griffin L.L.C. trifluralin, Cotton-Pro[R] brand prometryn, Direx[R] 4L and Karmex[R] DF brand diuron and Cotoran[R] brand fluometuron. Plant Growth Regulators: Griffin is a leader in early season PGRs with Early Harvest[R] TST/Talc Seed Treatment, the first PGR of the season. We also offer Mepex[R] brand mepiquat chloride. Harvest Aids: CottonQuik[R], our enhanced-ethephon product, opens bolls faster than other products in this class. We now offer FreeFall[TM] brand thidiazuron, the No. 1 defoliant active. When these two products are mixed together, they produce a synergistic effect that speeds up leaf drop and boll opening. Super Boll[R] brand ethephon rounds out our harvest aids.

Delta and Pine Land Company (DP&L) DELTA AND PINE Land Company (D&PL) is the world's leading cotton seed company. This position has been achieved by maintaining a focus on Southern farmers (both cotton and soybean) including the environments in which crops are planted, management practices utilized, and the market demands faced.

This farmer focus drives all of D&PL. Research, technical service and sales and marketing efforts strive to create, sell and support high yielding varieties which perform well under various conditions.

Research has always played a predominant role at D&PL and continues to grow, insuring farmers a good selection of products well into the future. The commitment to research is well illustrated by the recent addition of two research stations - one in Georgia and one on the Texas Rolling Plains - to its standing locations in Arizona, Mississippi (2), South Carolina and Texas. These locations provide research testing throughout the Cotton Belt prior to entering varieties in Technical Services trials as well as the university/extension system tests.

As D&PL began research in transgenic varieties, the company saw the complexity of its products growing dramatically leading to development of the Technical Services department. This group of trained agronomists and plant physiologists conducts in-depth testing on varieties, seed treatments, transgenic traits and other technologies being evaluated for commercialization. Technical Services personnel also play a critical role in supporting the product with customers, providing information and expertise about the varieties and production practices.

By focusing on customers throughout the entire operation, farmers are offered superior varieties developed, produced, supported and sold by Delta and Pine Land. The combination of three distinct product lines - Deltapine, Paymaster and Sure-Grow - provides cotton customers with real choices in varieties while supplying all growers with the top service for which D&PL is known.

Southern States Cooperative, Inc. AS A SPONSOR of this year's awards, and a leader in southeastern agriculture, Southern States congratulates the 2001 High Cotton Award nominees and winners for their outstanding achievements. We know how much dedication and hard work it takes to earn this kind of recognition.

Farming in the south isn't just in our name, it's our business. That's why whatever makes sense on your farm, we make it our business to provide. Crop production is about commitment. You put everything into doing it right. And you should expect no less from your farm inputs supplier. That's why it pays to rely on Southern States.

Southern States, one of the largest U.S. farmer owned and operated cooperatives, was born to meet the needs of farmers - to grow solutions for their problems, and to continuously open up new possibilities to make the business of farming pay better. Founded as the Virginia Seed Service in 1923, today the cooperative serves 25 states and supports 1300 retail locations.

For today's cotton producer, our GrowMaster[R] Crop Services deliver cost-effective, agronomically sound and environmentally responsible solutions for everything from planting to picking. In addition to top quality seed, fertilizer and crop protectants, cotton producers can count on Southern States for certified application, soil nutrient management planning, record keeping, crop management recommendations and much more.

Southern States also supports producers once their cotton has been picked with a range of marketing services that include five cotton gins in Georgia and the Carolinas. The cooperative not only buys cotton through its own and other gins, we also market cotton to both domestic and international buyers. Plus, Southern States offers producers direct access to 55 leading cotton buyers through the TELCOT electronic marketing system.

For more information about Southern States products or services, talk to your Southern States GrowMaster[R] Crop Services professional or local dealer today. Or visit us on the web at www.Southern

Deere & Company CONGRATULATIONS to the High Cotton Award winners and nominees. Their knowledge, management skills and determination have earned them success in their farming operations and well-deserved recognition from their peers. John Deere is proud to help sponsor this award program.

John Deere has been serving the equipment needs of cotton growers for decades. Over the years, John Deere equipment has helped growers increase their productivity and profits, and be good stewards of the environment.

For example, the first John Deere self-propelled picker - the No. 8 - was introduced in 1950. It was the first 2-row machine in the industry, capable of matching the daily productivity of 80 fieldhands, and was nearly twice as productive as the one-row models of the time.

The John Deere No. 8 established a new level of productivity in cotton fields during the early 1950s. Today, John Deere is the largest producer of farm equipment in the world, and John Deere cotton pickers, sprayers, tractors, planters and tillage equipment continue to provide growers with the performance and quality they can depend on day after day.

In 1998, John Deere introduced the most productive cotton harvester ever built. It houses new features, such as PRO-16 picking units, a new PRO-LIFT basket, a 300 hp engine, dual hydrostatic drive and an optional ROW TRAK guidance system. The 9976 Cotton Picker, whether in 4, 5 or 6 row configurations, will give our farmer customers the productivity they deserve. In keeping with John Deere's tradition of listening to the farmer and responding to their needs, we have also refined many of our other Cotton related products.

As the Cotton Producers of the World produce "High Quality Cotton," John Deere dealers produce quality in their Aftermarket Departments. Their commitment is to help their customers be more productive and profitable and to provide them with the best equipment values in the industry.

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