Clemson Bull Test Sale scheduled Feb. 4

Seventy-one top-notch herd sire prospects will be sold Feb. 4 during the 36th annual Clemson Bull Test Sale at the T. Ed Garrison Livestock Arena-Cattle Complex near the Clemson University campus.

The auction will include 51 Angus, 4 Balancers, 13 Gelbvieh and 3 Red Angus bulls, according to Larry Olson, bull testing program coordinator.

“These yearling bulls are an outstanding group of purebred herd sire prospects and commercial bulls,” he said. “There are several outstanding prospects in every breed for purebred breeders serious about improving their herds.”

Olson said that commercial cow-calf producers should find sires that will produce the medium to large minus frame crossbred calves which will weigh at least 600 pounds at 7-8 months of age, as well as good replacement heifers.

As a group the average daily gain (ADG) was 3.99 lbs. Three bulls exceeded 5 pounds ADG and two others just missed that mark. All bulls to be sold have passed ultrasound and breeding soundness examinations.

The 2006 Clemson Heifer Sale will follow the Clemson Bull Test Sale, which begins at noon. Sixty-five heifers will be sold, most sired by bulls from the Clemson University Bull Testing Program at either Simpson Station near Pendleton or Edisto Research and Education Center at Blackville.

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