CI develops new product for cotton

A new level of performance for bedding has been reached by experts at Cotton Incorporated — the research and marketing company for the Cotton Research & Promotion Program.

The new finishing technology, named endure, both prolongs the product life and increases the durability of sheets — two prominent concerns for many consumers shopping for bedding products, according to Cotton Incorporated's Lifestyle Monitor.

The new finish — endure — also reduces shrinkage and helps preserve the original color of bedding products, while maintaining the renowned softness and comfort of cotton sheeting.

According to Cotton Incorporated's Manager of Textile Market Development, David Earley, the finishing technology was inspired by a similar finish that Cotton Incorporated released last year for apparel products called Tough Cotton. “Based on the successful adoption of Tough Cotton in the apparel market, we wanted to explore its application to home textile products,” says Earley.

The endure technology was also developed in response to a Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor consumer survey, which found that 75 percent of the consumers polled rate durability as a very important purchasing factor when buying sheets. “What's also interesting to note,” continues Earley, “is that durability ranked higher than price (71 percent) and color (67 percent), which we know are traditionally two very important purchasing factors for consumers.”

With this development, Cotton Incorporated has built a solid marketing campaign around endure. “We will be offering a variety of promotional tools to help manufacturers sell to retailers, and to help retailers educate consumers on the benefits of products featuring this innovation,” concludes Earley.

Cotton Incorporated continues to develop cutting-edge innovations that help keep cotton one of the best selling fibers in the world.

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About the Cotton Board:

The Cotton Board administers and oversees the Cotton Research & Promotion Program conducted by Cotton Incorporated for America's cotton producers and importers. For more information about the Cotton Board, please visit

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