China's corn supply, demand on conference agenda

Scott Rozelle, a Helen Farnsworth Endowed Professor at Stanford University, will speak about “Corn in China in This Time of Global Uncertainty” next week at the Sixth Corn Utilization and Technology Conference sponsored by the National Corn Growers Association.

Rozelle’s presentation will cover China’s trade policy, corn research and development, supply and demand, and more. “As incomes grow, as migrations happen, the demand for meat and other livestock products rises,” Rozelle said. “China just cannot produce the amount of feed it needs, so in the long-term China is going to be a really good market.”

Scheduled for June 2-4 at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown, the Corn Utilization and Technology Conference will emphasize the importance of identifying the next generation of technologies to sustain corn as nature’s feedstock of the future.

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