Case IH sprayers extend legacy

Case IH has extended its legacy of leadership in crop production systems to pull-type sprayers. Drawing inspiration from the Case IH Patriot self-propelled sprayers, these all-new, best-in-class solutions for crop care deliver productivity and accuracy for those growers requiring a pull-type sprayer vs. a self-propelled chassis model.

Two days can mean a disease or pest outbreak with the right agronomic conditions, says Bill Preller, senior director of Case IH North American crop production marketing. “Timeliness and quality of material delivery are key, and the new Case IH SRX100 and SRX160 pull-type sprayers provide an industry-leading combination of application timeliness and application quality.

“The SRX Series sprayers are all new. We started with an understanding of grower requirements, years of experience with commercial applications and solid design principles. The result is two sprayers that deliver long-life, large-acre productivity and excellent application quality,” Preller says.

“Both the SRX100 and SRX160 have a rugged chassis and boom, simple and well organized controls, and application options to fit individual needs. Both of these models perform superbly in the field, saving the operator money and time.

“We've included features such as adjustable tracking, allowing growers to work in multiple row widths and crop conditions. We've designed our tanks and mixing systems to improve operator accuracy and storage and clean out processes. And, we've increased on-target spray coverage,” he says.

The new models are available with either suspended or wheeled booms ranging from 80 to 134 feet, and tank capacities of 1,000 or 1,600 gallons. In addition, the new sprayers sport a high-clearance cart offering excellent stability for increased productivity.

These sprayers are designed to be rugged, reliable, easy-to-use and accurate, Preller says. “It's all about putting the material on target in a timely fashion, and the Case IH SRX100 and SRX160 will allow growers to cover their ground with confidence.”

A unique feature on the SRX Series sprayers is the exclusive boom suspension system with parallel link design. “No one else in the market provides the stability and accuracy of our boom system,” says Dale Simpson, Case IH commercial marketing manager for seeding products. “The center pivot innovative suspension system absorbs field shock during operation, and keeps the boom straight regardless of fluctuations in the cart, for improved accuracy of your spray pattern.”

Booms are rugged, with little or no adjustment required. A standard eight-foot boom breakaway system provides impact protection. And, the entire boom assembly folds forward to the transport position in the field, to save time and improve safety — especially around overhead power lines. This compact transport position allows for convenient storage in or around freezing conditions.

Windscreens on the SRX100 and SRX160 sprayers keep spray on target and reduce drift by 86 percent. “The perforated design offers excellent protection from the wind, and provides airflow turbulence within the crop canopy to ensure more uniform coverage,” Simpson says.

Every SRX plumbing component is strategically placed to make spraying as efficient, convenient and user-friendly as possible. “On the cart frame, there's a six-degree slope from back to front. So when a grower switches chemicals — or stores the sprayer for the season - no product will be left in the tank or hung up in the plumbing,” Simpson explains.

The redesigned main tank is sloped forward and back to provide exceptional tank cleanout. The SRX also features a standard 120-gallon (U.S.) clean water rinse tank along with a main tank rinse nozzle. An optional rinse wand is available to make in-field cleanup easy.

“Our optional low-profile chemical induction tank is safer and easily accessible, and works with all types of chemical formulations,” Simpson adds. “And the new c-seal lid design, as requested by Case IH customers, keeps out dust and dirt.” Another customer request led to a newly designed sight gauge mounted on the side of the tank, with significantly improved accuracy. The site gauge shows U.S. gallons, Imperial and tank level measurements.

A key feature is adjustable tire tracking on the cart. “This allows the operator to conveniently match tractor tire tracks and spacing for a variety of different row crops,” says Simpson. Tire spacing is infinitely adjustable between a range of 60 inches to 120 inches on the SRX100 and 72 inches to 120 inches on the SRX160.

Tire options include dual-tires, and a wheel fender that keeps mud and dirt off sprayer booms and improves the spray pattern behind the wheel.

A variety of pump and nozzle configurations are available, including T-Jet and Combo-Jet nozzle bodies. The SRX can be equipped with single, double and triple nozzle bodies. Other options include two types of after market auto-height control systems, as well as an optional foam marker.

The SRX sprayers also can be equipped with a choice of an AgriCheck or SP655 monitor/controller to meet specific control needs. Both monitors are easy-to-use, and provide auto-rate control and information on speed, pressure, rate, accrued acres and volume of spray applied.

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