Carolina crop yields at high levels

The year 2001 was a good one for producers of flue-cured tobacco, cotton, soybeans and peanuts in North Carolina.

Flue-cured tobacco producers hit a record yield of 2,542 pounds per acre, 121 pounds above 200. Timely rains and an absence of extreme heat or severe storms played a major part, according to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture Statistics Division.

Production is at 419 million pounds, a 6 percent increase from last year. Some 165,000 acres were harvested in North Carolina, 2,000 more than in 2000.

Burley tobacco yields are also forecast at levels higher than 2000. The burley yield is forecast at 1,950 pounds per acre, 350 pounds more than 2000. Tar Heel cotton producers had another good growing season. The yield is estimated at 763 pounds per acre, 21 pounds above 2000. Cotton production will top even 2000's mark. Production in 2001 is estimated at 1.55 million bales, 8 percent above the record-breaking 2000 mark.

Soybean production is forecast at 32 bushels per acre, slightly below the 2000 record. Production is expected to be 41.6 million bushels, down 2.6 million bushels from last year due to an acreage reduction.

Peanut farmers in North Carolina enjoyed a good season, averaging 3,000 pounds per acre, up 250 pounds from the 2000 yield. Production is at 369 million pounds, up 9 percent from 2000. Peanuts were harvested on 123,000 acres in North Carolina.

Corn production in North Carolina set a new state mark of 122 bushels per acre. Production is at more than 75.6 million bushels.

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