Be cautious when moving equipment

“Within the past few days we have had two accidents, very similar to each other, involving the transportation of module builders on the highway,” said Glen Rains, assistant professor and farm safety specialist with the University of Georgia.

“In both cases, the cotton packer was left up and caught power lines crossing the road.”

Raines, who is based at Tifton, is asking Extension specialists and county agents to remind farmers and farm workers involved in transport over the highway the dangers involved which include making sure equipment is low enough to clear power lines.

“In respect to the module builders, make sure the hydraulically controlled packing mechanism is lowered before pulling it over the highway,” he said.

“Harvest is well underway, and SAFETY is always important,” said Steve Brown, Extension cotton specialist and leader of the Cotton Team at the University of Georgia. “It only takes a moment to make a serious mistake.”

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