BASF committed to peanut industry

In recognition of the tremendous passion and hard work of the peanut industry and its producers, BASF Agricultural Products Group is proud to join with Southeast Farm Press and Southwest Farm Press to sponsor the Peanut Profitability Awards, honoring the innovative production efforts of peanut growers throughout the United States.

Peanuts are a management-intensive crop that demand constant attention and heavy inputs for control of insects, crop diseases and weeds. As the efforts of the award winners illustrate, taking the guesswork out of producing consistently high-quality, high-yielding and profitable peanut crops is a time-consuming, but rewarding task.

BASF is committed to aiding growers in these efforts and continues to offer a wide range of crop protection products to peanut producers, including Outlook, Pursuit, Prowl, Storm, Ultra Blazer and Cadre herbicide, one of the most valued tools in the peanut industry.

Developed specifically for peanuts, Cadre herbicide consistently controls 33 yield-robbing grasses and broadleaf weeds — including nutsedge, pigweed and morningglory — in just one application.

Wet conditions or dry, Cadre gives peanut growers both foliar and residual weed control. Cadre also has excellent crop safety not found in some of the newer peanut herbicides.

Since the introduction of Cadre in 1996, the peanut industry has come to count on it for its effective weed control. This year, to insure that this valuable technology continues to be available to growers, BASF is offering Cadre at a value that reflects the high input costs and industry issues facing growers in the future. Growers can see their local BASF retailer for more information.

The commitment of BASF to the peanut industry continues with its on-going efforts to develop new technologies, including new products like soon-to-be registered Headline fungicide. Headline will offer growers the only peanut fungicide to combine unmatched leaf spot control with white mold activity. Headline is the best possible choice for the first fungicide application to protect peanuts while they are loading, which leads to increased yields. And with its flexible use patterns, rain-fastness and broad-spectrum disease control, Headline will free up valuable management time.

Like the winners of the 2002 Peanut Profitability Awards, BASF understands the need for innovative solutions and is committed to keeping its technology pipeline full. BASF congratulates the 2002 Peanut Profitability Award winners and all peanut growers who strive to increase their yields and produce a profitable crop.

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