Aventis joins Harvest Partners program

Expansion continues BASF and Aventis Crop Science, USA LP, have announced they have signed an agreement concerning Aventis participation in the BASF Harvest Partners preferred customer program.

The program, launched in 1993, is a loyalty program that rewards eligible, participating Harvest Partners program members for purchasing selected products and services from participating member companies. In 2001, BASF, Syngenta and Aventis will participate in the program. However, each company will have separate promotions for Harvest Partners program members. Promotions will be based on each company's eligible products and services.

The proposed arrangement, say the companies, will give participating Harvest Partners program members increased opportunities to earn Harvest Points award credits for valuable redemption items. For retailers, participation in the industry's first and only customer loyalty program means they can fulfill Aventis product promotions quickly and efficiently through a single fulfillment mechanism, the companies add.

"We are excited to have Aventis participate in the Harvest Partners preferred customer program," says John Rabby, BASF group vice president, North America. "The addition of another major supplier to the program demonstrates the strength of the Harvest Partners program in reaching our grower audience, while rewarding them for their purchases of a wide range of crop protection products and services."

"Utilizing the Harvest Partners program with our customers," says Pat McDonnell, vice president of sales and marketing, Aventis, "offers a unique and effective marketing tool that helps us strengthen our marketing strategies and relationships at the retailer and grower levels."

The Harvest Partners program continues to expand its presence in the farm market. New programs include Country Connection, a points purchasing program aimed at consumer goods suppliers whereby companies purchase blocks of points for use as marketing incentives with Harvest Partners program members.

This year, the Harvest Partners program expanded its redemption offerings to more than 300 items in a newly published catalog. And the Harvest Partners program has launched an interactive Website that allows members to check point balances, redeem points on-line and explore more ways to earn valuable Harvest Points award credits.

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