ASA announces 2005-2006 officers, committee assignments

The Board of Directors of the American Soybean Association (ASA) has confirmed Bob Metz from West Browns Valley, S.D., as president, and Neal Bredehoeft from Alma, Mo., as chairman.

Board members also elected Richard Ostlie from Northwood, N.C., to serve as first vice-president, an office that places Ostlie in line to be ASA president next year.

Also elected were Bob Rikli from Murdock, Neb., as secretary, and Gary Joachim from Claremont, Minn., as treasurer.

Four vice-presidents were elected: Johnny Dodson from Dyersburg, Tenn., John Hoffman from Waterloo, Iowa, Dennis Jaeger from Goodwin, S. D., and Randy DeSutter from Woodhull, Ill. These soybean producer-leaders form the nine-member ASA Executive Committee. Elections were held during ASA’s summer Board of Director’s meeting in Washington, D.C.

"Passage of the Dominican Republic, Central American Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA) is an immediate priority because this agreement will benefit 99 percent of U.S. agriculture and set the stage for our future as a global trading partner," said ASA President Bob Metz. "Education for grassroots soybean leaders and voting delegates will also continue to be one of my priorities as we begin work on a new farm bill that provides opportunities for increased soybean exports and a safety net that protects U.S. farmer profitability."

New first vice-president Richard Ostlie said, "I am excited and looking forward to continuing my service to U.S. soybean farmers. I will work for passage of energy legislation that extends the tax incentive for biodiesel, which is made from renewable energy sources like U.S. grown soybeans. Increased use of biodiesel will support higher prices paid to farmers, while helping the environment and decreasing our dependence on foreign oil."

Following the elections, committee assignments were announced. The Public Affairs Committee Chairman is Richard Ostlie. Committee members are Dan Beenken (Iowa), Neal Bredehoeft (Mo.), Randy DeSutter (Ill,), Johnny Dodson (Tenn.), John Freeman (Ark.), Ted Glaub (Ark.), Ron Heck (Iowa), Rob Joslin (Ohio), Alan Kemper (Ind.), Joe Layton (M-A), Danny Murphy (Miss.), Barb Overlie (Minn.), Robert Ross (Okla.), Bart Ruth (Neb.), Ward Shaw (N.C.), Curt Sindergard (Iowa), Joe Steiner (Ohio), Kristin Weeks-Duncanson (Minn.), and Bill Allison (Canada).

Bob Rikli was appointed Chairman of the Trade Policy & International Affairs Committee. Committee members are Scott Fritz (Ind.), Dwain Ford (Ill.), Gary Joachim (Minn.), Dennis Friest (Iowa), Glenn Janssen (Iowa), Ron Kindred (Ill.), Randy Mann (Ky.), Brad Mathson (Wisc.), Charles Skalsky (Va.), Jack Trumbo (Ky.), Andy Welden (Mich.), and Bill Wiley (Kan.).

The Membership Services & Corporate Relations committee Chairman is John Hoffman, with committee members Lorraine Birschbach (Wisc.), Charles Cannatella (La.), Corwin Fee (Iowa), M.D. Floyd (S.C.), Kelly Forck (Mo.), Ed Hegland (Minn.), Dennis Jaeger (S.D.), Gary Langel (Iowa), Joseph Mills (Ala.), Bart Waller (Ga./Fla.), Mark Watkins (Ohio), and Carl Weets (Texas).

Gary Joachim was appointed chairman of the Finance Committee, with M.D. Floyd (S.C.), John Freeman (Ark.), Joe Layton (M-A), Bart Ruth (Neb.), and Bill Wiley (Kan.) serving as committee members.

The Board welcomed five new members who are Kelly Forck (Mo.), John Freemen (Ark.), Ted Glaub (Ark.), Alan Kemper (Ind.) and Robert Ross (Okla.). ASA also recognizes retiring directors Ron Gibson (Mo.), Doug Hartz (Ark.), John Cooper (Ark.), Roger Hadley (Ind.), and Greg Leonard (Okla.) for their years of service.

ASA is a national, not-for-profit, grassroots membership organization that develops and implements policies to increase the profitability of its members and the entire soybean industry.

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