Alabama to hold precision agriculture field day

Farmers from Alabama and neighboring states keen on earning more by using less will have the chance to learn how at a precision agricultural field day scheduled Thursday, July 10 in northwest Alabama.

The field day, which will be at Isbell Farms near Cherokee in Colbert County, will feature many of the cutting-edge approaches associated with precision agriculture, a GPS-based farming technology that enables farmers to plant, spray and harvest their crops with pinpoint accuracy — an approach that has led to substantial farm savings.

The event begins at 8:30 a.m.

Concurrent tours running through the morning will highlight several precision agricultural research projects. These will include variable-rate irrigation and seeding demonstrations as well as research dealing with the spatial variability of nematodes in cropland.

But the field day will not be limited to precision farming techniques. In addition to providing a crop update, experts will discuss weed and nitrogen management with conservation-tillage and also will present several variety plots.

Another critical issue associated with farming today — proper grain bin storage — will be discussed.

Auburn University’s bioenergy gasifier, which uses a thermochemical technique to convert wood by-products, crop residue and other forms of biomass into ethanol, also will be featured.

Vendors will be on hand to present and discuss some of the latest advances in precision farming equipment.

Certified crop adviser points also will be offered.

The field day is sponsored by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the USDA-ARS National Soil Dynamics Lab and Conservation Systems Research, Alfa and the University of Georgia Precision Agriculture Team.

For directions to the field day, visit

For more information, contact Shannon Norwood at (256) 353-8702 ext. 28 or Amy Winstead at ext. 26.

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