Agribusiness: Valley introduces rut solution for challenging soils

Irrigation season will be much easier for some growers if they don’t have to deal with wheel ruts. Certain soil types make this a challenge, and Valley is coming to the rescue.

The industry leader in mechanized irrigation already has the V-3 Drive on the market, which puts three wheels at the base beam to provide more traction and flotation. Some situations, however, call for maximum assistance, and that’s why Valley Irrigation is now introducing the Spider Dual Drive.

Field test results show a 30 percent to 50 percent wheel rut reduction with the use of the Spider Dual Drive from Valley. Product Manager Jim Mikula says, “This product provides a solution where other options have not proven acceptable. It’s the highest flotation and traction option available. The Spider Dual Drive minimizes rut depth in the field, and can be added to any span of a pivot, wherever the grower finds the most challenging soil conditions.”

The Spider Dual Drive has a heavy duty base beam which can be installed on new pivots during erection, or can be changed out as a conversion option on an existing pivot. Some growers have opted to initially install the base beam only on new machines to allow them to more easily add a Spider Dual Drive track package later, once they’ve operated the pivot and have seen where the conditions are the worst.

For additional information about the Spider Dual Drive, growers can contact their local Valley dealer, call Valmont Irrigation at 1-800-825-6668 or visit Valmont on the Internet at

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