Agribusiness: D&PL rolls out Drought Relief Program

Delta and Pine Land Company has announced a 2007 Drought Relief Program that minimizes the risk to producers in Georgia, Florida and South Alabama who elect to plant cotton in the midst of the current drought.

The program covers the popular variety, DP 555 BG/RR, only. Producers who plant this variety, but are unable to maintain an acceptable stand and who meet the program requirement as confirmed by a D&PL DSM, will get a 50 percent rebate on the purchased seed.

“The 2007 drought in this region has producers wondering whether or not to go ahead and plant and run the risk of not getting a stand,” said Keylon Gholston, regional sales manager for D&PL. “But waiting for rain may close the production window on full-season varieties, thus limiting yield potential. The D&PL relief program is designed to minimize the financial risk to producers who elect to go ahead and plant their cotton.”

Contact your D&PL seed retailer or D&PL District Sales Manager for the complete program details.

For more information, please refer to the company’s Web site at

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