Agribusiness: Bayer announces new cotton varieties

After hundreds of replicated trials and several years of hard work, Bayer CropScience has announced that four experimental cotton varieties have performed consistently and notably enough to join the ranks of FiberMax and Stoneville cotton.

Jeff Brehmer, U.S. marketing manager, Stoneville and FiberMax cotton, said these new varieties will raise the bar for yield and quality potential.

“We evaluated dozens of ‘good’ experimental varieties this past year,” he said. “But ‘good’ isn’t good enough. For 2009, we’re releasing only the true cream of the crop ― four truly great cotton varieties.”

The four varieties ― FM 9160B2F, FM 1845LLB2, ST 4288B2F and ST 5288B2F ― all feature broad adaptability, high-yield potential and excellent fiber packages, Brehmer said.

FM 1845LLB2 is an easy-to-manage, medium-maturity variety with broad adaptation across the Southeast, Mid-South, and Mid-Atlantic production regions. Brehmer said FM 1845LLB2 consistently out-yielded FM 1735LLB2 by more than 100 pounds per acre in trials, and said it will bring the trademark FiberMax quality to Southeast cotton growers. The LibertyLink trait allows growers to spray Ignite herbicide over-the-top to control more than 120 species of broadleaf weeds and grasses, including glyphostate-resistant pigweed and marestail.

ST 4288B2F is an early-to-mid-maturing variety well-adapted across the Southeast, Mid-South, and Mid-Atlantic in both irrigated and dryland conditions. Although it matures relatively earlier than Stoneville varieties such as ST 4554B2F, it has often out-yielded this variety in company trials. ST 4288B2F has a good fiber package with premium-grade length, strength and uniformity possible.

ST 5288B2F is a medium-maturing variety that fits well in the Southeast, Mid-South, and Mid-Atlantic production regions. It has the excellent seedling vigor growers have come to expect from Stoneville, and it sets a high level of fruiting nodes. Careful in-season management plus an aggressive, timely defoliation program will reward growers with maximum yield and fiber quality potential.

FM 9160B2F is a medium-maturity Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex variety with a moderate growth habit. It is adapted to the Southwest region with excellent storm resistance and early indications of good Verticillium wilt tolerance. FM 9160B2F also exhibited a yield advantage in multiple trials over standards such as FM 9063B2F and FM 9180B2F.

Brehmer said because Bayer CropScience conducted more than 140 Cotton Agronomic Performance (CAP) trials last year, they have complete confidence in the 2009 new variety selections.

“Cotton growers manage CAP trials the same as they do the rest of their acres,” Brehmer said. “Each variety therefore isn’t spoon-fed nutrients or otherwise coddled. It must perform in real-world environmental conditions under real-world management practices. The bottom line is, these varieties have yielded and graded well under rigorous testing. Growers who choose them have an excellent chance to harvest profitable cotton.”

For more information on the complete 2009 lineup of FiberMax and Stoneville varieties, contact your local Bayer CropScience field representative or visit

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