Ag safety awareness week is March 1-7

Across the country, state and county Farm Bureaus are making safety a top priority this spring through the Agricultural Safety Awareness Program.

As a part of the ASAP, March 1-7 has been designated Agricultural Safety Awareness Week. This year’s theme, “Growing the Most Important Crop,” emphasizes making farms and ranches safer for farmers, their families and their employees with a special emphasis on children.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, 100 children die in farm accidents every year in the United States, and many others are injured. “Too many children are injured or killed each year on farms,” said Jimmy Maass, safety coordinator for Virginia Farm Bureau. “We hope our participation in this program will help us teach farmers and their families how to be safe and protect their children on the farm.”

Virginia Farm Bureau has many safety programs, including rollover protective structure, tractor canopy and all-terrain vehicle helmet incentives; special pricing on highway safety equipment; on-site farm inspections; and the availability of speakers for safety events.

“We strive to educate as many people as we can, about as many topics as we can each year,” Maass said.

The ASAP is part of the Farm Bureau Safety and Health Network. The network is made up of professionals affiliated with state Farm Bureaus who share an interest in identifying and decreasing safety and health risks.

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