Ag education remains important to Farm Bureau

The American Farm Bureau Federation remains committed to ag education and literacy efforts, AFBF President Bob Stallman told attendees at the national Agriculture in the Classroom Conference.

“Farm Bureau has supported Ag in the Classroom in a variety of ways, but particularly with funding and ag education resources, since the program was first organized 24 years ago,” said Stallman. “The natural connection between agriculture and education is just as strong today as it was back then,” he said.

Stallman said Farm Bureau remains committed to ag education efforts because agriculture is important to the United States and the global economy.

“Our farmers and ranchers produce the safest, most affordable food supply in the world — right here at home. America’s farmers are the world’s most productive — each U.S. farmer produces enough food and fiber annually for 144 people,” Stallman said. He also noted that U.S. farmers and ranchers produce this bounty using modern conservation and tillage practices, which in turn benefit the environment.

“U.S. agriculture is well-positioned to feed the world’s growing population, thanks to the continuing adoption of new technologies by farmers and ranchers,” Stallman said. “Increased understanding about agriculture by the public will help us meet the goal of feeding the world,” he said. Experts predict the global population will grow exponentially in the next few decades, rising to 9 billion in 2050.

Stallman described new ag education materials available to teachers, including a curriculum developed by Farm Bureau that covers common misconceptions about agriculture. He also said Farm Bureau will be working with the Agriculture Department on a new ag literacy benchmarking project.

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