Southwest Region — Isaac, John and George Guenther, Gaines County, Texas

Five inches of rain. That’s all the Guenther brothers, Isaac, John and George, got on their Gaines County, Texas, farm in 2013. Five inches total, and only about three inches fell during the growing season; still they made their best ever overall average peanut yield—6,680 pounds per acre on 465 acres.


Lower Southeast Region — Owen Yoder, Orrville, Ala.

Owen Yoder had an idea last year that his peanut crop was shaping up to be a good one, but he didn’t realize how good until he began harvesting.


Upper Southeast Region — Billy Bain, Dinwiddie, Va.

“Farming conversations with me don’t usually go very far before we start talking about peanuts,” says long-time Dinwiddie, Va., grower Billy Bain.