Lower Southeast Region — Tim McMillan, Southern Grace Farms, Enigma, Ga.

Whenever dryland yields equal those of irrigated land, it’s about as close to perfection as a peanut production season can be — and that’s what Tim McMillan and his family experienced in 2012.


Upper Southeast Region — Jart Hudson, Turkey, N.C.

Jart Hudson, a fourth generation peanut farmer at Turkey, N.C., says peanuts are as much a social and cultural part of his heritage as the crop is to the economic well-being of his large, diversified farming operation.


Southwest Region — Murray Phillips, Pearsall, Texas

Murray Phillips doesn’t get bored — his diverse Frio County, Texas, farm offers plenty of activity year-round. He’s currently growing corn (sweet, white and yellow), cotton, wheat (irrigated and dryland) green beans, spinach, carrots and his favorite crop, peanuts.